Kayak, bath rental on the shore of the lake Ančia

Updated: 12 February, 2020
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We offer a peaceful and rich holiday in nature, accommodation in the homestead, camping in canoeing or just relaxing.

The homestead has 28 sleeping places with bedding, a large area for tents.

The territory of the homestead is fenced, there are two large outdoor arbor with fireplace, all necessary utensils, barbecues, a fireplace with boiler for cooking and fish meat.

Basketball, volleyball, football pitches for team competitions are equipped for active recreation.

After all the entertainment we offer the opportunity to relax in the sauna and relax in the hot cube.

Our services:

  • Canoe rental
  • Homestead rent
  • Camping rental
  • Sauna rent
  • Mobile hot tub rental
  • Tourist transportation
  • Event Management

Contact information:

+37062300820; +37062022743
Zaliakalnio g. 20, Kapciamiestis

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