Banket hall, Sauna complex, Jacuzzi in Vilnius "Barboros svajos"

Updated: 06 February, 2021
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Barbora Dream SPA

It is an elegant, confidential leisure centre situated in the unique houseof the 18th century in the very heart of Vilnius, surrounded by Upper (Gedimina’s) and Lower (Ruler’s palace) castles, where love story of Žygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaitė still roams. We invite you to relax, get rid of weariness after intensive workday, get energy, recover peace of mind also to feel younger, nicer. You will be offered pleasant reviving for body and soul: various SPA services, healthoness procedures, massages, a ballroom, also including tastings. Leisure centre smelling of old times opens the door for you.
Barbora Dream SPA is for your ideal rest!

Barbora Dream SPA history

The house was built in the 18th century and mentioned as estate. When exploration was made it was stated that the oldest part of the house is by Šildadaržis street and belongs to the 16th-17th centuries which is ascribed to baroque period. The part of the building where jacuzzi is belongs to classicism period, it is about 1770 - 1855. The cultural layer is even 1,8 metre!
When full arheological exploration was made we left authentic fragments from field stones on the new floor surface. In some places you can see bricks which were marked by special signs: as for example bricks marked by some fingers and after that baked.


Mini ballroom

It is a great place to arrange personal holidays, negotiate with customers in nonofficial surroundings, celebrate for the workers of small firms, arrange parties or other events in small companies. Up to eight quests can celebrate in the ballroom.

Bath complex

Barbora Dream SPA bath complex consists of finnish sauna, turkish (steam) bath, infrared rays bath. It is a great way to kick off the day’s fatique, recreate oneself and at the same time to learn what you were unaware about the bath given pleasures.

  • Turkish (steam) bath  
    Temperature is between 43 - 55 celsius, humidity - 100 percent. 
  • Finish sauna
    Temperature is from 80 - 100 Celsius in it. 
  • Infrared rays bath
    It gives our body warming energy and wellbeing feeling without wearing out body.

Bathhouse attendant services

Procedures conducted in a professional will let us find new unexpected bath experiences also once more get together for everyone nonformal surroundings.


If you wish to relax after a hard workday jacuzzi will help you to recreate yourself. In whirlpooling water air bubles softly but effectively massage body. In 10 - 15 minutes muscles relax, blood circulation is moved, soft water bubles help to relax and calm down.

Jacuzzi helps splendidly to get back strength after physical tiredness, removes stress and helps if you have strained muscles or shocks. People, having insomnia, feeling backaches and joint aches, jacuzzi suits ideally.

Immerse yourself in jacuzzi and feel all relaxing and rejuvenation of the body’s pleasures.

Relaxing whole body massage

Relaxing massage will calm down feelings, make wellbeing better.

Wine whiskey tasting

Wine or whiskey tasting is an intelectual great way to spend time with real drink expert.


  The first 2 hours of the price The other 2 hours of the price Overtime cost Daily price
The whole complex* € 116 € 88 € 29 € 464
On workdays till 5 p.m. ** (jacuzzi) € 24/h.
Bathhouse attendant services *** € 35/h.

* the price includes gown, 3 towels, slippers.
** the price includes towel.
*** the duration of procedure for one person - one hour.

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Contacts and useful information

  • The nearest body of water River Vilnele
  • Address Barboros Radvilaitės g. 7/Šiltadaržio g. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania Map
  • Phone no. +370 656 51111
  • Website
  • Open all Year Round
  • Units for rent and number of guests

  • Apartment (1 units)
  • Available number of guests to stay 8
  • Facilities

  • In apartment
    • Separate entrance from the outside
    • Shower and WC
    • Massage bath
    • Dishes, cutlery
    • Coffee machine
    • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi)
    • TV
    • Cable / SAT TV
    • air conditioning
    • Hair dryer
    • Towels (free)
  • Common amenities
    • Common shower and WC
    • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
    • TV
  • Entertainment
    • Steam sauna
    • Sauna
    • Turkish bath (Hamam)
    • Turkish sauna
    • Infrared sauna
    • Jacuzzi
    • Massage
    • SPA services
    • Sauna procedures
  • Other facilities, services
    • Banquet hall
    • Conference hall with equipment
  • Payment details:

  • Advance payment must be paid right after the agreement